Creating architectural harmony

Marie Carrele is driven by a desire to ensure a high-quality, decorative result that ensures overall architectural harmony in terms of perspectives, light and colours.

Its values are firmly rooted in compliance with the following principles :
  • Understanding the customer's objectives

    Marie Carrele undertakes to ensure ongoing communications with its customers, to understand fully how they envisage using their space, placing their fittings and furnishing and optimising natural light, practicality, flooring, volumes and lighting, notably using technical LED solutions wherever possible.
  • Understanding raw materials
    Marie Carrele's teams allow their wood products to dry naturally, during the cutting and storage stages as well as when preparing and starting up projects.
  • Combining and integrating materials to their best advantage
    Marie Carrele provides expert advice on the most subtle and successful ways of enriching your design with multiple materials : stainless steel, marble, Corian, lacquer, leather, etc.
  • Selecting logs as far upstream as possible
    Careful sourcing of wood and veneer products is essential to a high-quality result, and also complies with our sustainable development standpoint.
  • Providing customers with sample finishings
    To optimise customer satisfaction, Marie Carrele provides samples of suggested materials and finishings for approval by the client. This ensures that the end result meets all your quality expectations.
  • Respecting its undertakings
    Marie Carrele is firmly committed to quality, and undertakes comply fully with the stated schedule.